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Price is per square foot.

Kentwood - Couture Monument - Oak - 10-1/4"x 5/5"x 86"

  • DIMENSIONS 10¼“ x 5/8” x approx. 86” (83% full boards)
    260mm x 15mm x 2200mm (83% full boards)

    Low (Denali, Petra, Tulum)

    Medium (Giza, Louvre)

    High (Palmyra)


    Low (Denali, Tulum)

    Medium (Petra)

    High (Giza, Louvre,Palmyra)

    FINISH High performance polyurethane with aluminum oxide
    INSTALLATION On, above or below grade. Nail, glue down or float. May be used over radiant heat.
    WARRANTY 50 year residential wear, Lifetime manufacturing warranty
    BOX CONTENTS 36.94 ft²



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