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Our Legacy Plank Collection is an homage to the original craftsmen who forged their legacy building beautiful, turn of the century furniture from walnut. Selecting wide 8” planks, as we do for this collection, helps to showcase the dramatically expressive grain pattern of this American exotic, while also resulting in a finished floor with far fewer seams than a more typical narrow width walnut floor.


Please contact for pricing.

Craft Flooring - Legacy - Walnut - 8" x 3/4"


    3/4” PRESTIGE Construction available with 1000 sq ft minimum custom order.


    Walnut - North America - Janka Rating 1010
    All Walnut is third-party verified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® to be from legal and responsible sources.

    CORE Canadian Spruce - Canada - Fb 875.
    All structural components are made from Canadian Spruce that is third-party certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® to be legal, responsible and sustainable.
    FINISH Low-gloss matte


    Low to medium colour variation


    Suitable for installation above, on or below grade. Approved for installation over Radiant Floor Heating systems

    WARRANTY 30 Year Finish Warranty; Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty; 3 Year Light Commercial Warranty

    ENCORE Standard Box: Random 1’ to 8' lengths
    8″: 42.0 sqft per box; 65 lbs (approx.)

    ENCORE LongCRAFT Box: 8 x 10' lengths
    8″: 52.5 sqft per box; 81 lbs (approx.)


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