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Rustic enough to capture the organic characteristics of nature, yet clean enough to add style to a contemporary setting. The Castillo Plank Collection infuses a time honoured historical foundation into a modern aesthetic.


Please contact for pricing.

Craft Flooring - Castillo - Hickory - 7"/ 8" x 5/8"


    7″ / 8″ Width: ENCORE 5/8″ thick DACS II Construction with solid sawn components in a 2-Layer format
    (3mm surface wear layer + 12mm DACS II Core)
    3/4” PRESTIGE Construction available with 1000 sq ft minimum custom order.


    Hickory - North America -Janka Rating 1820.
    All Hickory is third-party verified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® to be from legal and responsible sources.

    CORE Canadian Spruce - Canada - Fb 875.
    All structural components are made from Canadian Spruce that is third-party certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® to be legal, responsible and sustainable.
    FINISH Low-gloss matte
    Light wirebrush


    Low colour variation.


    Suitable for installation above, on or below grade. Approved for installation over Radiant Floor Heating systems

    WARRANTY 30 Year Finish Warranty; Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty; 3 Year Light Commercial Warranty

    ENCORE Standard Box: Random 1’ to 8' lengths

    7″: 36.8 sqft per box; 57 lbs (approx.) (Cordoba, Cádiz, Aragon, Ávila)
    8″: 42.0 sqft per box; 65 lbs (approx.) (Cantabria, Morena, Cádiz, Aragon, Ávila)


    ENCORE LongCRAFT Box: 8 x 10' lengths
    7″: 46.0 sqft per box; 71 lbs (approx.) (Verona, Savona, Modena, Arezzo, Davos)
    8″: 52.5 sqft per box; 81 lbs (approx.) (Resaro, Savona, Modena, Arezzo, Davos)


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